Strona specjalistyczna przeznaczona tylko dla podmiotów medycznych

Audiometric silence cabins

Badanie słuchu w kabinie ciszy z operatorem audiometru.

What is the purpose of hearing tests in an audiometric silence booth?

Hearing tests are performed in a special audiometric booth or in a quiet room. This allows you to diagnose the state of our hearing. The test result gives us a picture of the type of damage that, together with the interview, allows us to take the best therapies.

Who needs our silence cabins?

Our offer is directed to small hearing care, audiology and ENT clinics as well as occupational medicine clinics, specialist clinics, medical centers and hospitals.

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kabina audiometryczna w gabinecie laryngologicznym
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Why is it important for the hearing test to take place in a silence booth?

When signing the contract for audiometric tests and contracts for the fitting of hearing aids, NFZ requires that these tests be performed in silence cabins.

Are our silence cabins safe?

In accordance with the provisions ensuring the safety and comfort of patients and reliable test results, our cabins have a CE certificate and are notified to the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products.

This is very important in cooperation with the NFZ, because this certificate and application are a prerequisite for signing the contract and refunding the tests by the NFZ.

More information about our company can be found in the About company tab.

wyposażenie kabiny audiometrycznej
Badanie słuchu u dziewczynki w kabinie audiometrycznej.

Who can be examined in our silence cabins?

Our audiometric booths are adapted to perform examinations in children, adults as well as disabled people.

It is possible to mount a ramp for wheelchairs.

What distinguishes our silence cabins from the competition?

Our audiometric silence cabins provide ideal conditions for sound insulation, because they are built of multilayer (6-layer as opposed to 2-layer cabins of the competition), the latest sound-absorbing materials.

They provide several dozen times higher insulation
(average insulation above 30db confirmed by research of specialist companies).

The floor is multi-layered and anti-vibration, which insulates the cabin from the effects of vibration of elevators, passing vehicles or machines working nearby. As a result, tests are always carried out accurately and reliably, in a repeatable manner.

Budowa audiometrycznej kabiny ciszy

Installation and availability of silence cabin

The construction of the audiometric booth is designed in such a way that its assembly is quick and efficient, anywhere. Cabin assembly is included in the price. Availability is 10 business days from the moment the order is placed.

Contact us and we'll be happy to advise you on choosing the right cabin.

Technical characteristics of audiometric silence cabins

The construction of the cabin is multi-layered, which guarantees high insulation and modular qualities. Its construction consists of 6 segments, made of durable materials, facilitating assembly and allowing for repeated, quick transfer of the silence cabin to another office.

The outer wood-like panel is washable, stain resistant. The external housing is made in one of 4 colors as standard. There is a possibility of individual selection of its color.

Wall corners are finished with aluminum angles, which increase the aesthetic value and prevent mechanical damage.

We place the window opening for patient control and the entrance door in the place and module indicated by the customer.

Under the window opening there is a shelf for the audiometer. Its dimensions allow you to mount any audiometer.

The door of the audiometric cabin can be equipped with a ramp for wheelchairs, which allows free access for disabled people.

The interior is made of eco-leather – vanilla or gray shade. Mild lighting and eco-leather lining make the interior comfortable and patient-friendly.

The cabin has sufficient gravity ventilation. It is possible to use forced ventilation (for an additional fee).

The floor of the silence cabin is multi-layered and anti-vibration.

Insulation of audiometric silence cabins

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To meet your expectations, we have created an online store in which you can quickly and easily place an order for the selected audiometric silence cabin.

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