Strona specjalistyczna przeznaczona tylko dla podmiotów medycznych

Silence cabins

The Polish company Dor-Med produces audiometric silence cabins,
which are used for hearing tests in offices
hearing care, audiological, ENT,
in occupational medicine centers and the best clinics.

Kabina audiometryczna do badania słuchu.

We offer 8 models of audiometric cabins

Our audiometric silence cabins are distinguished primarily by their solidity and high quality.

Beginning with advice on choosing a audiometric silence cabins, through professional installation, implementation, training and service, we do everything in our power to ensure that our products are properly used and contribute to the satisfaction of our customers and their patients.

More information on technical parameters can be found on the About cabins page.

Why is it worth using our services?


Modern audiometric silence cabins with CE certification and notification to the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products, which qualifies them as a class I medical device and makes them taxed at an 8% VAT rate.


When signing the contract for audiometric tests and contracts for matching hearing aids, NHF requires that these tests be done in audiometric silence cabins.


Our audiometric booths were awarded with the Highest Quality in Medicine or Our Good Kujaw and Pomerania certificate.


Assembly of the audiometric silence cabin is completed with the acceptance protocol and the transfer of the technical passport (requirement for medical devices of Class I).


The outer wood-like housing plate is washable and stain resistant. At the customer's request, the colors of the audiometric booth can be made individually. Mild lighting and eco leather lining make the interior comfortable and friendly. The durability of the materials used allows for a long time of silence and easy cleanliness.


The small size of the audiometric silence cabin, weight and modular design allow it to be installed in small spaces. By adjusting the cabin to the room in which it will be located, we also adjust the placement of the door to the user's needs. The dimensions of the audiometer shelf allow you to mount the device in any size.


The multi-layer structure (6 layers, wall thickness - 15 cm) and the latest sound-absorbing materials ensure ideal sound insulation conditions - average level above 30 dB (confirmed by tests). The floor is multi-layered and anti-vibration. As a result, tests are always carried out thoroughly and reliably.


The construction of the audiometric booth is designed in such a way that its assembly is quick - the maximum time is 2 hours in any place.


Delivery and assembly of a audiometric silence cabin within 10 working days of the advance payment.


We provide a two-year warranty and service within max 48 hours of receiving the notification.

Contact us and we'll be happy to advise you on choosing the right cabin.

A few words from the history of Dor-Med ...

We have been dealing with hearing care since 1992. We started in Poland as one of the first. As part of our activity, we conducted hearing care facilities in seven provinces, where we performed hearing tests and selection of hearing aids, employing several dozen well-qualified people choosing hearing aids according to the latest methods.

As a result of conducted tests and tests, in cooperation with the technical universities of Poznań and Bydgoszcz, we have developed innovative constructions of audiometric silence cabins for hearing tests and as a result we have obtained the right to the CE mark. We have submitted these constructions to the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products.

Awards and certificates

Certificate of the Product Registration Office
Medicinal, Medical Devices
and Biocidal Products

Certyfikat Najwyższa Jakość dla firmy DOR-MED Waldemara Lipińskiego za profesjonalizm i najwyższą jakość świadczonych usług medycznych w zakresie protetyki słuchu oraz europejski poziom zarządzania przedsiębiorstwem.

In recognition of our achievements, as the only audioprothetic company in the country we have obtained the certificate “The highest quality in medicine”, comparable with the certificate “Teraz Polska”

Nagroda w plebiscycie Nasze Dobre Kujaw i Pomorza 2014

Our silence cabins won the plebiscite Our Good Kujawy and Pomerania

Where else can you find our cabins?

Silence booths at the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

We are very happy that we can also present our activities during the finals of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, including conducting hearing tests at the TVP Studio in Warsaw in the silence cabins we produce.

22 finał WOŚP - podziękowania dla Waldemara Lipińskiego
Kabina akustyczna w Muzeum Piosenki Polskiej w Opolu.

"Everyone can sing" - an acoustic booth at the Polish Song Museum in Opole

We are proud because one of our cabins is located in the Museum of Polish Song in Opole and serves visitors. The visitor enters the acoustic booth and puts on headphones. He selects the song he is interested in on the monitor. The song’s text appears on the monitor and the background music is heard in the headphones. The singing is recorded on a computer. You can then listen to it, as well as send to your email.

Great fun guaranteed. And the effects can be surprising.

Our partners

To meet your expectations, we have created an online store in which you can quickly and easily place an order for the selected audiometric silence cabin.

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